November 26, 2018 – November 27, 2018 all-day
Windsor-Essex Family Network

Integration Action for Inclusion in Education & Community (Ontario)

Erin Sheldon, M.Ed., CEO, Facilitator, Parent Leader

Monday, November 26th & Tuesday, November 27th

Erin Sheldon will be here late November 2018. We are working with our partners and family leaders to design the two days. The planning with our partners will include how to best use the time to meet the needs of small children, students, young adults, families and partnering agencies who are wanting to work together to assist folks with various tools and planning like: a vision for a good life, one-page profiles, person-centred/directed planning, developing information for school settings and thinking about a future as a citizen participating and contributing.

We will continue the work we began last year. This includes addressing the goals for our community that were identified through family focus groups and partner meetings. We are reaching out to begin some planning with the intention of developing opportunities for people, families and partners to build on the learning and strengthen our knowledge.

Some members of the Essex-Windsor Chapter for Integration Action for Inclusion have expressed an interest in holding an event that would bring people together to celebrate the past work but also look to a new future with a refreshed and renewed chapter. Windsor-Essex Family Network is committed to this effort and will be working with family members and organization/agency members to plan that together.

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3 Oct 2018


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